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  • China Cat Riders Pastel Artwork by Joanne Gervais on 2018-09-22 at BLUMartini in Kingston
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  • China Cat Riders on stage
  • China Cat Riders on stage

Who are The China Cat Riders?

The China Cat Riders play the music of the Grateful Dead. We’re mining the mystical trench that the Dead forged through the sonic center of rock and roll. The China Cat Riders are Heads and we know that Dead Heads are looking for the rapturous whoop. The Heads know that they are part of the aching beauty and flowering crescendos that flow out of the amplifiers. We know that there is a shared and special consciousness in the best jams, and we try to float that slinky psychedelic funk about three feet above the ground and let it unravel and flit about in the guts and limbs of our audience. We cut deep into American Psychedelia in order to milk that groovy vibe.

The China Cat Riders offer an authentic dose of The Dead. We have two drummers and a real Hammond Organ and Leslie. We’ve got a bass player with 6 strings and a whole whack of Phil Bombs, and we got the dual guitar dance going on. We are not shy of the long and deep cuts, and we don’t do it note for note, for we know the music plays the band.

We are proud and humbled to witness the Dead Head community unite at our gigs as they dance to this extraordinary music.

Help us push the traditions Furthur.

Catch The China Cat Riders wherever the bus takes us.

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Original Pastel artwork (in slideshow above) by Joanne Gervais - 2018-09-22.

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